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3 Correct 「Pre-makeup Maintenance Tips」 to easily get clean and delicate makeup

Effective pre-makeup skincare is essential for a lasting and natural makeup finish. This article highlights common pitfalls and correct techniques, emphasizing the importance of a streamlined skincare routine and proper product application. Additionally, it underscores the use of makeup brushes for foundation application, contributing to an enhanced and enduring makeup result.

Pre-makeup is very important because it creates a good foundation for your skin to make makeup last longer and more natural. By pre-conditioning, you can keep your skin hydrated, smooth and even, reduce fine lines and dryness, and provide a better fit for your makeup. In addition, pre-makeup helps prevent makeup from causing damage to the skin, reduces the likelihood of allergies or discomfort, and makes your makeup more durable, natural, and comfortable


However, many women often make some minefields in the pre-makeup maintenance, and these factors are the "culprits" that lead to the subsequent makeup. The following will list some "common minefields of makeup maintenance" and "correct skills of makeup maintenance" for you to get rid of the old makeup of the card powder rubbing mud ~ hand residual party can also get exquisite and clean makeup effect


1. Stacking too many products

Some women think that adding a variety of products can better moisturize the skin, but in fact, adding too many products can lead to clogged pores and affect the texture of the makeup. The right thing to do is to choose the right moisturizer for your skin type and avoid overuse. At the same time, you can choose products that contain makeup conditioning functions, which can both moisturize and provide a base.


2. The time from pre-makeup to makeup is too short

Many women start applying makeup immediately after applying pre-makeup care products, which often fails to fully absorb the product. The correct approach is to wait for a period of time after applying the maintenance product to allow the product to fully penetrate into the skin. Doing so will make the makeup fit better and last longer.


3. Color correction/primer product repetition

In the makeup maintenance, the color and base products belong to the same category of cosmetics. Overuse of similar products can make makeup look too heavy. In order to simplify the makeup process, it is recommended to choose a combination of color-correcting cream. This can not only achieve the effect of skin tone and cover blemishes, but also reduce the complexity of the pre-makeup step, so that you can easily create a fresh and natural look.


4. Lean maintenance is king

When it comes to pre-makeup maintenance, simplification is a very important principle. Choose small but effective care products to reduce the chemical buildup on the face and reduce the burden on the skin. Lean maintenance is toner + lotion/cream, wipe with "toner wet cotton pad" to reduce the bottom makeup dull and makeup on the situation.


5.️ Apply topically with the 'circular' gesture

Many maintenance products need to use circle gestures to evenly absorb ~ such as sticky lotions and creams, they are easy to get stuck in the nose, mouth and other parts, so we must remember to circle to promote absorption when wiping this type of maintenance products, reduce the status of card powder can also make these small parts shine.


6. Emulsify all over face

Some women only pay attention to certain areas when applying pre-makeup products and ignore other areas. The correct approach is to first rub your hands to emulsify the product to a more transparent color, and then apply it from the center of the face from the inside out to ensure that the whole face is adequately moisturized and protected.


7. Extra points: Clever use of makeup brushes

In order to ensure a more comfortable, natural look, especially when applying liquid foundation, it is crucial to choose a soft and dense brush. The brush will apply the foundation more evenly, ensuring that the product is fully integrated into the skin, enhancing absorption, and supporting you to create the perfect base. Choose a professionally designed brush, such as DU COFFEE---14 pcs Makeup Brush Set with Silicone Storage that is soft, smooth and easy to clean, helping you achieve the ultimate natural look with ease.


The above is the common minefields and correct tips to share before makeup maintenance. I hope that through the right skills to share, can help you better makeup maintenance, to achieve the ideal makeup effect.

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