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Cool! New Lash Curler Hack for Falsie-Level Lashes


Don’t knock TikTok makeup hacks until you try them. For every questionable hack on the app—wrinkle tape anyone?—there are three more that really do work (and are totally safe). We've seen out-of-the box tricks for glowing skin, perfectly-imperfect eyeliner, and pillowy lips without the filler. The latest hack that has the app in a chokehold? An upside-down lash curler trick that makes your natural lashes look like falsies. 
The Hack
TikToker Audrey Boos's page is full of makeup and hair tricks, and she recently revealed her go-to secret for lashes that not only look lifted, but are inexplicably long, almost reaching to her brows—the kind of lashes that are usually only possible if you're genetically blessed or have a lash lift. Yet, Boos discovered that by flipping a traditional lash curler upside down, you can get a falsie-like lift to your lashes with any traditional mascara.

To emphasize the difference between a standard curling technique and the upside-down curling technique, Boos first curls the lashes on her left eye normally, starting at the root and working her way toward the tip. She then applies mascara and says, “not bad, not the best,” clearly unimpressed.
On the other eye, she uses the eyelash curler, flipping it upside down before curing the mid-to-ends of her bare lashes, clamping as she goes. Then, she flips the lash curler right-side up and clamps her lashes right at the root. Immediately, even without a drop of mascara on, her lashes stick straight upwards.
The length comes from creating what Boos says is a "L-shaped curl instead of a C curl." It won't be the soft curl you're used to—it's much more dramatic—but flipping the lashes up at the ends before lifting them at the base makes for a much longer effect.
After using this technique, you can use any standard mascara you have in your collection to define the lashes for a feathery effect. If you’re looking for even more length (and a water-resistant lash!), use a tubing mascara for a fuller, longer effect.


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