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DUcare 8 in 1 orange pink brush set review

matthew tien 2021-08-11

Today I want to present you a fantastic set of ALL PINK make-up brushes that I received these days.


Complete with everything you need for a basic make-up, 8 in 1 DUcare Makeup Brush Set consists of brushes with wooden handles for a secure and comfortable grip, the aluminum attachment for a light and easy-to-use brush, and synthetic bristles certified for respect for nature and animals .
DUcare beauty has been a leader in the production of make-up brushes for over 30 years.The company relies on skilled craftsmen and professionals for the production of quality and certified brushes. All brushes are built with quality raw materials and according to very strict standards. They are also subjected to numerous control tests that guarantee their quality and durability.


All makeup brushes are 100% handcrafted !!!
The bristles are very soft and silky, they are very pleasant on the skin, and offer an excellent performance during the application of make up👌.
I really like the feeling of lightness during use and I really appreciate the wooden handle that gives me a feeling of "warmth" to the touch. They also smell good ... something not to be underestimated😉.


The DUcare 8 in 1 brush set is contained inside a pink pouch in synthetic material, very pretty and practical.
8 in total are the brushes that make up the set
1. Powder Brush
2. Contour Brush
3. Blush Brush
4. Eyeshadow Brush
5. Eyeshadow Brush
6. Smudge Brush
7. Pencil Brush
8. Eyebrow Brush
They are all beautiful to give as gifts and to treat yourself!
I love them🤩
Visit the official website: www.ducarebeauty.com
article by IG @neneferroni
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