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You May Get Chance to Win--Reveiw Story From Giveaway Winner

matthew tien 2022-05-09

A few weeks ago, I was on #tiktok … just scrolling through and watching whatever appealed to me.
I happened to come across a live by @ducarebeautyofficial and became very interested in the brush set that they were describing.
The Mojito Brush Set” looked stunning and they happened to be having a giveaway during the live… & y’all, I WON!

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I was a little hesitant to provide my address, crossed my fingers, and hoped that maybe someday they’d arrive…

So when the brush set arrived at my door a couple weeks later, I was genuinely shocked! And even more so when I opened up the package because these are even more beautiful than I imagined!

Thank you so much to @ducarebeautyofficial for interacting during your lives, for offering this generous giveaway, & for sending me the entire collection after I won!

I’m so thankful! ✨

Side note: I’ve been really wanting more smaller detailed brushes for eyeshadow but am on a low buy/no buy, so I’m working with what I got… but did y’all see the detail brushes in this set??!! Perfection! Super affordable, but feels expensive!

This entire set is currently $36.99 on their site ✨

Complete Mojito Brush Set by DUcare: This set included 14 gorgeous makeup brushes, 3 makeup blending sponges, and a chic makeup bag!

These brushes have synthetic hair, wooden handles, and are vegan/cruelty free.

I love the weight and aesthetics of these brushes! They feel so luxurious in the hand and on the face!

Very happy to add these beauties into my collection! ✨✨✨☺️

Find more on their official website, will surprise you~
article by IG @melsmirrorspace
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