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Design story about “the Queen”

supportservice 2022-03-28

Our brand story begins with makeup tools, hoping to as an specialized beauty brand to create world-renowned tools for makeup lovers over the world. The strong design team from DUcare has created a stunning makeup brush specially for women upon breaking own limits to redefine what is real “beauty”. Now, we are telling the story about our “Queen” from three aspects.

Every product has its own color to increase identification and be seen at the first sight among many brands products. Combination with three extraordinary colors like red, gold and black to appear in front of the world with an unforgettable aura. Among them, red stands for passion and energy; black stands for desire and used to for certainty and authority; gold stands for positive and success. All is to convey the connotation of our “queen”, that is, with it , you will have courage and power to become yourself and be your won queen in your lifetime.

Anyone think the modeling looks like a scepter or quill pen at the first sight? The plump red bristle with strong feeling is unique and unconventional when pairing with brush head with different function, shining like a queen's crown and unforgettable. The dealing with handle can be more particular: Inverted cone on each handle makes it look like a dancing ballerina and the slender handle makes women look more sexy and beautiful. When mentioning the connection between the two---aluminum tube, is the finish touch making it more complete. There may be something wrong with it if only using outstanding red brush head together with classic understated black, while the gold color can just right brighten all the ambience. Therefore complement each other correspondingly.

An excellent work with unique shape can not exit without attractive package. The well-chosen luxurious & solemn black package of "queen" is carefully selected by DUcare brand to thank their clients. The printed character “Queen” seems to appeal every customer and deliver an idea to them that anyone can be queen, the unique queen. The gift box, is the perfect choice to treat ourselves and to others.



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