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New Way of Foundation? Gonna Try! !

matthew tien 2022-07-21

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cr: @helinndoski

It’s high time to rethink the way you apply foundation, at least if TikTok users have anything to say about it. If you’re looking for the perfect base, the answer just may be waiting for you. 

The popular video created by @helinndoski on TikTok has views more than 10.5 million. For her test of the trend, she dropped some foundation into a small cup of water. After mixing, she poured the contents onto her hand, letting the water slip out, and then dotted the face with product. Blending the foundation out with a Beautyblender, she then pressed a paper towel against her face. Turning the paper towel to the camera, she demonstrated how little of the makeup came off.

This beauty hack has steadily increased in popularity on TikTok as well as Instagram and it claims to make foundation more luminous and totally transfer-proof . So many beauty lovers gonna try when seeing this. “It’s supposed to make your skin look more beautiful,” they explain while adding foundation to a glass of water.

While someone tested and said later“I just think that it’s a little complicated, a little gross, and also a little wasteful, but I will say that this is a hack that works.”It does appear that creators use quite a few pumps of foundation to get the desired effect.

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