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Guides: Tapes May Help Your Makeup

matthew tien 2022-07-07

Have you ever notice that there are many people using the tape to help their makeup in TikTiok video? These days tiktok is now rife with face tape transformation videos, all featuring comment sections that seem to be firmly divided about the technique's efficacy and necessity.

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Do you know Face Tape?

Face tape has a long history of being used in film and theater to define and lift the face and jawline, typically hidden by wigs and costumes. Face tape is just that—actual sticky tape, often connected by a thin string or thread that physically grabs onto the skin to make it more taut and sculpted.

Despite the practice's place in cosmetic history, it's only very recently that celebrities are getting candid about their experience with face tape. It can help us create eye makeup and even do what you wanna do!

Guides to help you to use tapes:

1. For face lifting: this video is for how to do face tape with more than 104.5 million views. It’s stil so funny even though someone recognizes that filters were used in it.
2. For eye makeup: we can learn how she is doing during the makeup with the with face tape.
3. For contouring: this may be a little makeup hack for us. And your guys can share what kind of hack you're using or you've found by chance. You guys can look through the page of this tiktok content creator @serenalakkiss

Is It Safe for Everyday Use?

The practice is a common and accepted way to see the potential results of surgery in doctor's office, that specific (and short-term) use case is about as functional as it gets. Frequent taping (and therefore stretching) of delicate facial skin can actually speed up the natural aging process, which leads to sagging. Face tape is only meant to be worn for a few hours.

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