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Proper Ways to Clean Your Makeup Brushes By Steps

matthew tien 2022-01-20

Makeup brush is an essential tool for our makeup, and will affect our look if we do not take advantage of it. Here we are going to share how to wash our brushes properly to make best of them.

clean your make up brushes with running water

 The makeup brushes we use daily includes two kinds, which are large one(like foundation brushes, powder brushes, blush brushes, and contouring brushes) as well as small one, like eye makeup brushes, eyebrow brushes and concealer brushes and so on.

 For large brushes we usually recommend the soaking method.

Swirl you brush in the container with water and pro scrubbing water in a ratio of one and mix well, and then watch it spin in seconds to see the liquid become muddy(If there is some requirements about special mixing ratio of the product, do it according to the instructions). If there is still residue on the brush, please the process till the water become transparent and lay it flat on a towel to dry.

(What is your clean makup tool routine? you guys can leave a message below to show us ~)

For small brushes, there are some methods for you to choose to clean makeup tools.

  1. Dry cleaning with sponge
clean sponge to clean makeup brush, 2 in 1 makeup tools clean methods, how to clean makeup brush

Just wipe the makeup brush clockwise on the sponge and wash the sponge if it get dirty.

  1. Dry powder cleaning method

First pour proper amount of powder on a paper towel. Use your brush swipe slightly the powder to evenly dip it and then pop it. Swipe your brush on clean paper towel until there is no residue on the brush. This way in only used for deal with it in emergency.

  1. Make-up tissue cleaning method

Wipe the brush on makeup-tissue until there is no obvious residue and then gentle finish the bristles with your fingers to dry. This is suitable for eye makeup brush dipping dry powder and the makeup-tissue can better remove residue attached on the surface.

  1. Makeup remover cleaning method(the same with large makeup brush cleaning methods)

makeup remover to clean brush, how to clean makeup brushes in a proper way

No matter which method you use, always remember lay your makeup brushes flat to dry. Put a towel on the counter and arrange your brushes with the bristles hanging over the edge so they air dry faster.

how to put makeup brush in a proper way,

Please leave a message below to let me know if you have other cleaning methods~

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