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Review of My Favorite Makeup Brush Organizer

matthew tien 2021-12-23

Today I wanna show my new coming makeup brush organizer that has arrived few days ago, which I thought is useful for daily life.

Here comes the Christmas. It’s a great choice to own such a wonderful gift for treating yourself or friends surrounding.


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The DUcare thoughtfully launched a new bag designed for storing cosmetic products when the Christmas is coming by. These years, I have bought a lot of brushes. When I see this, I knew that’ it.

Packed with a box in coffee color avoid being crushed during transportation. The moment seeing package color reminds me of coffee and cappuccino, cause I’m a coffee lover at heart and need drinking one or more cups of coffee everyday.


Makeup brush bag with 22 pockets to store

There are 22 pockets as you can see, enough room for me to accommodate my brushes and keep them tidy.

With 10 pockets on the front row, this can store large brushes like foundation brushes and blush brushes; and 12 small pockets on the back row to hold small brushes like eyebrow pencils and eyeliners. It also comes with a pack of activated carbon deodorant to help this bag (made of nylon cloth, featuring wear-resistant) smells good after a few days.


foldable makeup brush bag, foldable brush holder

What surprise me a lot is that the bag can be folded in reverse and erected by fixing it with two snaps, which is exactly the same as described in the online store. Putting into my makeup brushes one by one has upgraded my dressing table instantly, and I feel like a professional makeup artist, with a sense of unspeakable luxury.

This feeling cannot be realized by the bag I used to buy.


Additionally, I saw a another set of 22 vegan beauty products that is paired with this bag, looking great and luxurious. I only need to buy this one to store my brushes. This single bag or the branded makeup products set can be a a great Christmas gift for treating yourself or send to your friends if they are makeup lovers or pros.


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