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Some Euphoria Looks in 2022


Do not forget the beauty trends that Euphoria have brought to us. It's not a simple show to watch, but "Euphoria" is packed with great looks. For this list, we'll be looking at the most beautiful, memorable, and impactful fashion statements from it. What is YOUR favorite "Euphoria" look? In Euphoria, the director wanted to showcase bold and expressive makeup and in order to make the looks visible on screen. Therefore reflective things such as rhinestones, glitter become more famous among people. Here's what you need to hear about how to achieve Euphoria looks in the real world if you've been dying to try the trend.

1.Kat's graphic eyeliner

cr: @makeup.spotless

To achieve this winged eye look, you'll need to start with your eyes and save your face makeup for last in case you need to do any makeover. Gel eyeliner and an angled brush will be your best friend for easily creating sharp, saturated wings in one swipe. If you have skills, you can also trace your black and red lines with a glitter eyeliner, as Davy did on Kat.

2.Jules's metallic-green eyeliner

cr: @149kia_makeup

Her eyeliner is named "chef's kiss": a metallic-green eyeliner in a swooping shape on her top and bottom lids, the stark-black inner corners, and the brushed-up brows.
If you don't have a metallic-green liner lying around, don't worry. you can DIY it by drawing your lines with a matte-green eyeliner, allowing them to dry, then retracing each line with a thin eyeliner brush dipped in a sheer gold glitter topper. To your inner corner, use an opaque black pencil eyeliner. And if it's a lil smudge, it's even better.

3.Rue’s glitter tears


Rue definitely has the most understated makeup of the Euphoria group, but she nailed glitter tears in season one. And, yes, it makes for the best Halloween costume because it doesn't require you to be super precise with the application. In short, the more low-key and imperfect the tears are, the better.

4.Cassie’s tiny rhinestones look

cr: @shtykamakeup
Cassie's looks featured faint, shiny details, such as these tiny rhinestones that make her lower lashline glimmer. This is the start of Cassie's eye-makeup transformation and it was a pivotal moment, making it a genius blonde Halloween costume idea that Euphoria stans would surely comprehend.
Use your lashes with a volumizing mascara, but to avoid them looking spidery, brush them with a lash comb after every coat. Then, grab a set of nail rhinestones;. you'll want them to be extra small so they fit between your lashes. For precision, dot the back of each gem with eyelash glue and glue them between your lashes. they'll barely peek out from behind your lashes, but they'll still shine when they reach the light.

The Euphoria aesthetic and its impact on beauty cannot be overstated—its in-tandem rise with TikTok means that more people than ever feel inspired by the glitter-soaked series and, as such, empowered to experiment with their own makeup. Lids and upper lashes enjoy falsies, stick-on gems, winged liner, bold eyeshadow and more, this trend reverses it—and yields some pretty fantastic looks as a result.

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