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Cold Girl Makeup, For Your Christmas Season


December is here, it seems like nearly every other day, there's something new going viral on  the trend of beauty. And the month’s arrival offers the ideal time to try one of the latest born-of-reality beauty trends: “I’m cold” or “cold girl” makeup. Much like the sunburn blush that freckled feeds earlier this year, this look centers the sweeter aspects of windchill, the effects of the elements mimicked with a blush pulled across cheeks and nose, a touch of shimmer at the inner corners of the eyes, and a glassy lip.


Think about this: The temperature is crisp, you just took a walk out in the freshly fallen snow, and you're living your best Christmas  life. You walk inside, and everything is numb; your cheeks, nose, and under eyes are bright red, and you're ready to curl up on the couch and drink hot chocolate for the rest of the night. Well, you can still tap into wonderland vibes with your beauty routine. Take TikTok videos, for instance, who are living their best lives this season with the "cold girl makeup" trend.


Makeup artists and influencers are capturing a freshly frostbitten look with more blush than usual, limited contour, voluminous lashes, and—of course—glitter everywhere to give the face that "I just ran through a snowstorm and somehow my makeup is still intact" look. Sure, the winter weather certainly isn't for everyone, but the cold girl makeup trend is. Whether your skin is clear or textured, dry or oily, and regardless of your skin tone, this frostbitten look is the new trend of the season, and everyone is obsessed.


There is a makeup artist in DUcare pr list who provides a through tutorial video on how to achieve the frostbitten look, and the hashtag #coldgirlmakeup on TikTok & Instagram now has over 36.4 million views. You may have heard of the cold girl makeup trend. But what exactly is it? Here's everything you need to know. 


The blush placement is truly the make-or-break element of the cold girl makeup look. Think less sun-kissed summer vibes and more sleigh ride on Christmas Eve. With a seamless blend of pinky blush and silvery glitter, the cold girl makeup trend will become your go-to look for upcoming holiday parties and beyond. Ahead, read everything you need to know about achieving a cold-girl look you'll love.


Something to Know About Cold Girl Makeup: 

The cole girl look is initially inspired by the fall foliage, winter fashion, and a holiday latte, therefore the look is described as a romanticization of winter weather, designed to make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. 

1. Start With A Matte Base

Powder down all the areas where you naturally shine, then spritz on a setting spray to keep it smooth all day long.


2. Pack On The Blush

Place your blush on the apples of your cheeks, blending into your under-eye area for a flirty look. Then, place the blush on the center of your nose for a highlighted appearance.


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