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Sunburn blush: A New Trend Will Take Over

matthew tien 2022-06-17

It’s summer time!

If you are still worrying about the sunburn look that sun brings, there is a way may can help you feel better. 

Have you noticed that the trend of sunburn blush on tiktok is in vogue? The video of sunburn blush has over 240k views on Tiktok, which is inspired by natural sunburn, and is all about incorporating bright color while keeping it natural.

Sunburn blush, or SunBlush, is go-to for glowing, summery skin without the sun damage. The concept is pretty straightforward: Applying your favorite blush kindly across your cheeks and nose. The goal is to look like you spent an hour or longer on the beach or outside—just without the sunglass tan lines or sensitive, damaged skin. The overall effect is a flushed, glowy complexion that practically sings summer.

Any formula that requires layers of application for a just a smidge of color won’t work. Instead, you should be on the lookout for a blush that's constantly described as "a little goes a long way." A dab on each cheek and one on your nose would be enough to turn you flushed. For this trend, application is key. Spread pigment along your cheeks and nose, giving them equal color. Remember: You want to look slightly sunburnt, not like you urgently need aloe.

If you hasn’t been infiltrated by the SunBlush trend yet, trust me, it's only a matter of time. 

You guys can have a try of it and comment the result. Come on!

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