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Transparent Eyeliner: Help Eyes Look More Open

matthew tien 2022-08-12

 Have you ever heard about the transparent eyeliner? The most usual eyeliner skill is about running your angled brush under a bit of tap water, then pick up your favorite shade of eye shadow with the brush(Here are some tips for you to create eyeliner). Today let’s come to the topic of transparent eyeliner.

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From IG @womanlifero

These days even the most basic product around us can be a magical multitasker. One we didn’t see coming, though, is the transparent eyeliner. Your most trusted concealer can do a lot more than the camouflage dark circles.

This trend is all about creating a lifted eyeliner shape using concealer and the natural coloration of your eyelid to create a subtle shaping to the eyes. So why is the transparent eyeliner suddenly taking TikTok by storm?

Let take a look at the video on TikTok and think about how does that happen. As we can see, it’s something that everyone can do, most likely with products that they already have, and it’s simple yet effective. It’s also ridiculously flattering. It gives a lifted look to the eyes which can, in turn, make the eyes look more awake and open.

One thing you need to know about creating transparent eyeliner is it’s all about finding the right shape for yourself. You need to pick a shade similar to your skin tone, but a few shade lighter, which can really create a coloration contract. Therefore the transparent eyeliner is realized.

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