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Tutorial About Freckles Look———Want it?

matthew tien 2022-08-30

Those lucky enough to have skin adorned in beautiful freckles are officially ahead of the latest TikTok trend. Faux freckles are having yet another moment, and while beauty brands have gone viral for their freckle pen offerings, some crafty TikTok makeup artists shared an ingenious DIY freckle method using products you definitely already have.

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A freckle makeup tutorial video created by the TikTok user and also makeup artist @ mireyarios has racked up more than 155.99 thousand views. The video’s viral success can likely be attributed to how easy this method is to follow.

How to do that?

As we can see in the video, with a brown liquid eyeliner, the clip begins with dotting three of the makeup artist’s fingers with brown spots. There doesn’t seem to be a pattern or any consistent method of application, which would be true of how actual freckles appear. Once the liner was applied, she sprayed her fingers with Spray. But as a matter of fact, any liquid including the water would work. So you can easily finish a freckle makeup look with simple tools as well as liquid.

Upon seeing that, many TikTok users were especially enamored with the method. “This is genius,” wrote one follower. “I have to try this,” wrote another. Like so many of those in the comments, I was also intrigued by the idea and decided to give it a try! 😍

Oh forgot to say, except for the liquid eyeline, some other useful tools also works, such as freckle spay, shade products, some dark colors in eyeshadow, and so on. These ones can help you easily be able to create spots on your face.👏👏👏

The method is definitely super easy to follow, and it’s especially noteworthy considering you can use products that you likely already have. There’s no rhyme or reason to the way your real freckles appear, and by dotting your fingers and creating a string of spots, you’re creating a pretty realistic recreation. Isn’t it?

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