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Try to Froth Beauty Products?
Can't Wait to Try!

matthew tien 2022-10-08

Have you noticed that some tiktok useers are pivoting to careers as coffee shop owners? Because they wanna use the tools which add foam to their coffee to to transform the consistency of their beauty products. But does it really work? Let's try it out.

Of course this kind of “weird makeup science” is full of fun. A tiktok user named rose.friederike created a video about how she make fun of her beauty products, in which she make a creamy consistency and thick lather, into a foam. Some doubt that though the frothing already exist, this experiement does look fun and creative.

In the video, she pulls out a frother and adds water, daily foundation, skin milk and some water into the container (or it loos like a bowl). After a few pumps, the cloudy liquid concoction turns into a skin colored foam that she works into a rich lather on her face. "Oh my gosh, am I going to start frothing my skin care?" she asks while blending out the products on her face. As she blends it onto her skin, she notes that the texture feels light, cool, and "so interesting." It also had a very full coverage than it normally would un-frothed.

She says it "feels like applying water to your skin" as she blends out the foundation on half of her face. She concludes that the side with the frothed foundation looked more natural and did not provide very full coverage.

Kindly Notice for This Try:

Experts warn against using this concoction on dry or combination skin because it will suck the moisture out of the product. In general, they recommends foaming cleansers for oily skin types because those facial washes are on the dryer side (they contain something called surfactants, which do have the potential to dry out skin). The addition of the exfoliator would also dry out the skin.

They also point out that this kind of experiment may comes with some unpredictable risk, which is the potential for bacterial growth. So they agree and note that we would need to use distilled water and froth in smaller amounts to prevent potential contamination. Pls keep this in mind~

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