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Siren Eyes Help You More Sexy

matthew tien 2022-09-21

In a matter of months, TikTok went from just another app on my phone, to my favorite pastime. The latest example of a trend so perfectly right now is "Siren Eyes".

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The siren eyes trend has gone viral, with video form video. Instead of a makeup look, you'll see clips of self-described "female manipulators"—a fascinating trend in and of itself—preaching the art of siren eyes. Essentially, it's "smizing" repackaged as makeup, and named for both the mythical mermaid-like creatures who would lure sailors to their death and the retro sirens of the silver screen.

Here's how to get in on the trend. The trend is super flattering and sultry, with instant sex appeal. The shape narrows and sharpens your eyes to an eye-catching, mysterious, and darkly feminine look.

How to get siren eyes

To emphasize the seductive nature of the look, TikTok users have been doing side-by-side comparisons of "doe eye" and "siren eye" makeup. You can click this to see the tutorial. The doe eyes focus on a rounded, bright, doll-like eye, while the siren eyes feature that signature sexy shape. Generally, one style will naturally suit you better based on your eye shape.

The siren eye trend is basically a smoky eye look that is slightly more dramatic, darker around the rims of the eyes, and flicked upwards at the outer corners for a more narrow, cat eye shape—giving a more mysterious, edgier makeup look. While siren eyes may look like similar to other liner trends, they're a little more involved than just swiping on some liner. To achieve siren eyes, you are basically mixing eyeshadow and eyeliner to create a smudgy but sharp smoky cat eye.

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