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Why I Choose DUcare Makeup Brushes

matthew tien 2022-10-14

For me, a beauty enthusiast, having a set of nice cosmetic brush is essential. With your own beauty tools, you can easily create exquisite and beautiful skin cosmetics for yourself, and yield twice the result with half the effort.

I used to buy a lot of makeup brushes before, and have many terrible experiences. These awful problems like bristles with poor touch feeling, poor powder catching power and others left me a relatively bad impression. When first came into contact with DUcare brand products, I was surprised by such a beautiful and fine cosmetic applicator. This is amazing! And here I can’t wait to show you how wonderful the thing is.

As a person who prefer to appearance complex, the packaging of DUcare product---The Queen, really attract me more than ever.

The Queen is designed by the excellent research&development team, whose members are devoted to create exclusively personalized products for their users.

The black luxurious & solemn gift box, where there is printed several red fonts "The Queen", which seems to tell me that "Please, Your Majesty". When opening, the first come to my eyes were the amazing makeup tools shining like a queen's crown, whose flamboyant posture was hard to ignore. By using a series of appealing colors like black, red and gold, to symbolizes nobleness, this product looks more pretty and striking, just seems like to be tailored specifically for the queen.

Taking out one of the gift box. The red bristles manifests full enthusiasm, and its soft touching makes people fall in love with it at the first glance. The golden orifice looks luxurious and noble, and will never fade with the thickened design. Together with its black handle, it shows every sign of a feather pen for the queen, featuring elegance and generous. It's absolutely suitable for girls who pursue quality.

What surprise me more are the bristles. It's commonly known that the most important thing for a good makeup brushes is its bristles. Whether makeup accessories is soft, capable of taking powder or smudging well, depends on the materials it used. As far as I’m concerned, the bristles of "The Queen" are well-made, durable, soft and feels comfortable.

It's indeed a bit more difficult for us to choose the professional makeup brush set in terms of the material, but to be honest, the shape and using methods are truly sometimes confusing, cause there are numerous shapes and types of quality makeup brushes. But, do not worry, here let me show you the true quality of “The Queen” and have a try of it.

There are altogether 12 makeup tools, which are powder brush, foundation brush, contouring brush, concealer brush, blending brush, nose contour brush, eye shadow brush S, eye shadow brush M, eye shadow brush L, eyebrow brush, fan brush and lip brush. These can meet the basic daily need of beauty-loving girls, and are mainly used for base cosmetics, eye makeup and contour.

What I use more often are the flat foundation makeup brush, eyebrow brush, eyeshadow brush (the sizes of it depends on your skin cosmetics), concealer brushes, contouring brushes, and nose contour brushes. Other like lip brushes, blending brushes, fan-shaped brushes can be used according to the individual needs. Among them, my favorite is nose contour brush, powder brush and foundation brush.

It can be a better tool than the beauty egg if you take the full advantage of the foundation brush. This sort of flat-headed brush cosmetics can help you put on beauty products fast. Applying the liquid foundation on your face in a circular manner will make your pretty makeup more uniform and also a great way to save amount of it. The powder makeup tools is good at catching powder, very suitable for both dry skin and neutral with a light and velvety feeling, which is really friendly for dry skin patient like me! The nose contour brush has an angle of 30 degrees to 40 degrees, can fit the contour of nose very well and has moderate powder catching power to smudge easily. I was truly astonished by The Queen's nose contour brush cause I was troubled by my flat nose for almost 20 years. I finally found the deliverer for my nose! I would like to offer my great thank to the teammates of The Queen!

The Queen, which is easy to carry and has luxurious packaging, is your first choice for high-value gifts. All in all, The Queen is the very beauty tools that you girls cannot miss!

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