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Square Nails Are Having a Moment

matthew tien 2022-10-14

Today, let’s talk about nails!

There is a saying goes “Three makes a trend”. Someone said they’re sticking with short nails, while others rocked short nails in her Super Bowl announcement. Hence, trend super status for short, square nails has been cemented.

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As we all know, longer and dramatic nails have been the trend for a few years now. So shorter, more utilitarian lengths feel edgier. But this doesn’t mean long nails are suddenly on their way out, on the contrary, a bit more length variety is on its way in. Nails will stick around for the long haul, with short nails being in a little pocket.

Indeed, there are definitely perks to having short nails over long ones. Shorter nails are easier to maintain and easier to wear and you don't need a manicurist to achieve the look. However, just because nails are shorter doesn’t mean they’re totally effortless. It will most likely mean less time in the salon, but you will still have to go for an appointment as frequently. Short nails are probably the most democratic length for nail color, any shade that looks good against your skin tone will look excellent on short nails.

How To Get the Look:

To nail the trend, determine the most complimentary short, square shape for your individual nails and hands. This can make the nails look like a circle. If you have very wide nail plates, try a soft square and curve the nails inward at the sides, while keeping a flat tip. If your nails are more narrow, keep the edges slightly sharper. As for choosing a polish, the options are endless with short, square nails.


  1. Start by trimming your nails straight across with a straight edge nail clipper, this will save time on filing and give you an instant square shape.
  2. Refine the tip with a file; filing straight across the tip and on a curved angle along the corners to smooth away any sharp edges.
  3. Remember that you have options within the short, square nails profile.

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