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Crying Makeup for Halloween

Abby 2022-10-28

The "Sad Girl" has been a cultural fascination for centuries, from art to pop culture icons like Marilyn Monroe and Laura Palmer. The idea of crying girl comes from some films like The Virgin Suicides and the song "Pretty When I Cry" inspired many people. Today, the crying girls lives on TikTok naturally and videos of TikTok users doing the same are just as common as makeup tutorials.

CR: @jharnabhagwani

The video content creator Zoe on crying makeup has views more than 3.5 million and still counting. As she said in her video"You know how we look good when we cry? It just comes with the territory." The results are a soft, smudgy lip, flushed cheeks, slightly red and glimmering eyes, and glossy skin—perfect for any sad girl.

How to Get the Look

Firstly, Zoe starts off her tutorial by focusing on the blurry lips. "We want that puffy soft lip, right?" she says. She uses the lip creme in the shades manifest and intuition, then blurs the edges with a brush. She then goes in and applies a neutral lip liner on top to get a little bit of definition back. At the end of the video, she tops it off with lip oil, for an ultra-glossy, wet look.

Next, she goes in with a cream blush over her eyes, under her eyes, on her cheeks, and across her nose. She uses cream blush, but any cream blush will do as long as it's multi-use.

"we're going to recreate that glisten in our eyes with some liquid glitter on the bottom of our lash line," she says before patting on glitter. She then uses the eye gloss "where you want shine," including the eyelids, cheeks, and cupid's bow. She finishes the look by curling her lashes (but doesn't seem to apply any mascara).


We don't own any of the products she uses, but luckily, it's pretty easy to recreate with what we had on hand. She didn't mention base makeup, but we made sure to perfect our foundation looked before I moved on to the rest of the look. We tried like what Zeo did in her video. In fact, we look like we just finished a good cry, and very love the mix of textures. The shimmering "tears," in particular, will be a staple of our hallowen holiday party makeup to come.

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