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Know Something about Y2K fashion


The internet is buzzing with the resurgence of ‘Y2K’ when it comes to fashion trends. But what exactly is this? The idea Y2K is an abbreviation for the year 2000, which was first a representation of the millennium computer bug that messed up dates back in 2000, but it also refers to the early 2000s fashion trends and styles. 

So what are some of the biggest Y2K trends? While low waist, midriff-baring jeans may seem like a nightmare for some, Y2K also includes other trends. Let’s see.

Smaller Bags


Smaller shoulder bags, like baguette bags and saddlebags, were all the rage during Y2K fashion years. Both bags can be seen on the runway and street style today, making sure the trend does a comeback.

Colourful Accessories

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Whether it’s beaded chokers, bracelets or tinted sunglasses, colour is everywhere when it comes to accessories. The best way to bring this trend back in your closet would be to mix it up with your metallic toned accessories to create a balance.

Hair Accessories


The various kitsch hair clips dominated 2000s fashion, adding a quirky touch to any outfit. The 2021 versions, while no less quirky, are definitely a current version of the trend.

So Why is Y2K fashion trending now?

Fashion trends tend to be cyclical, coming back every few years in updated avatars. Whether it’s the shoulder pads from the ‘80s, or the ‘60s mini hemlines, most fashion trends have been revisited by designers over the years, thus trickling down to high street fashion. This is why it was no surprise that Y2K trends made a comeback recently. Additionally, second-hand and vintage fashion is seeing an upward trend, owing to the increase in the demand for sustainable options. This means that pieces from the ‘90s and 2000s have been resurfacing at many thrift stores, especially those on Instagram. Overall, Y2K clothing lends a feeling of nostalgia for millennials who grew up in the era and is being adopted by the experimental Gen Z population as a new stylish aesthetic.

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