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Summer 2022 Nail Trends: You May Wanna Know

matthew tien 2022-06-24

Summer 2022 is officially here! Whenever a new season begins, it feels like the perfect time to test a popular nail trend and experiment with a bold new look. Any time you get your nails done, it's a chance to experiment, but summer is the most perfect time. Ready to see plenty of almond shapes and saturated colors this summer! !

---Jelly Tips

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The aesthetics from the aughts are making a major comeback, including the jelly trend. Jelly tips, which usually have semi-sheer look, works when you’re using super bright colors like pink or blue, and also works well with an almond nail shape. Almond or oval nails look good on everyone and help to elongate fingers.

---Diamond-Plated Manis

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A song is sang about how “diamonds are a girl's best friend,” and that’s apparently still true today. Chrome and metallic finishes are popular because they're timeless, chic, and complimentary to nearly everything. You can customize this particular trend by doing either the full nail or just the tip. The silver chrome shade with the diamond plated design adds a really cool texture.

---Abstract Neons

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The results comes to neons representing summer usually when people talk about bright color. A lot of people who love neons also love maximum abstract designs, and it’s huge this summer. There isn’t a summer that passes that doesn’t feature electrifying neons. When it's warmer out, people tend to gravitate towards the brighter colors, so more yellows, oranges, bright greens—generally anything they feel like they can't execute during those colder months.

Any other kinds of nails you are interested in? Comments are highly welcome! !👏👏

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