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How to Choose A Suitable Makeup Brush for Yourself

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Brushes are the most interesting thing for me in makeup tools. Their smoothness and fluffy texture gives my cozy and cute vibes. I love the flow of brush on my skin and the results it leaves are just wow! Haha! Maybe this detailed introduction of brushes sounds weird but makeup obsessed people can understand my feelings. Let’s fall into brushes world for sometime and explore the types of brushes and their uses:




Kabuki Foundation Brush: 

Let’s talk about my favorite brush first. Kabuki brushes are not only beautiful in appearance but also magical in their functioning. Kabuki brush is the cutest of all. It comes in small height and large surface area to strengthen its grip in your hands. This cute mini brush is used to blend your foundation flawlessly and evenly.                                  
Kabuki - Angled Flat Foundation Brush Single Pack

 Stippling or Paint Brush:

The best way to apply foundation or any other liquid makeup products on your face like concealers, bronzers, etc is stippling or paint brush. This brush comes with two layers of bristles that help in applying and blending the product. You can get different sizes of this brush.
2in1 DUcare Foundation / Concealer Brushes Set


 Powder Brush:

Powder brushes give the matte finish to your face by gliding compact powder over the foundation. This brush can also be used to apply powdery products like blush etc. Large sized powder brushes are used for compact powder and small size powder brushes are used for applying blush, highlighter, etc.

 Contour Brush:

Contour brushes have different types. Some are angled contour brushes and some are like simple powder brushes. Angled Contour brushes are used to apply liquid or powder contour products and to blend the contour properly in a proper, neat pattern. Simple contour brushes have just blending properties. These brushes give a new shape and look to your face.




Eyeshadow brush:

You all must be aware of this type of brush. The name of the brush explains its functioning very clearly. Eyeshadow brushes come in different shapes and sizes with different functions. Some eyeshadow brushes are used to apply the shade, some are used to blend it, some are used to make a crease, etc. In Short, the art of eyeshadow brushes is just amazing.

Lip brush:

Some people find a lip brush useless because they think that applying direct lipstick is easier but let me tell you the actual functioning of a lip brush. Lip brush helps you in mixing and blending of different shades of lipstick to get a desired lip shade. All the makeup experts do this art. Other than that, lip brushes are also very helpful in giving your lips different shapes. 




Highlighter brush:

Let’ s talk about this beauty. Highlighter brush feels like a feather. Light, smooth, and beautiful. A fan shaped highlighter brush is my favourite because its angled form gives a soft sweeping of highlighter on your cheek bone.

Angled Brush:

Angled brushes have different sizes with different functions. Eyebrow angled brushes are used to fill up your brows and give them a proper desired shape. Large angled brushes are used for contour.
This art of brushes can only be enjoyed if you’ll use them.
Ducare beauty has an amazing collection of brushes that will help you in making your makeup flawless and exceptional.
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