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How to Choose Makeup Brushes

matthew tien 2021-12-07

It's hard to choose a favorite cosmetic products, but these are the new makeup the pros pick over and over. Just like painters try countless shades and formulas to find the ones they like working with the most, they also test out tons of face makeup products. And while many of us may consider our tool kit complete with a blush brush, a couple of eye-shadow brushes, and a trusty finger or two, makeup artists have fluffy-headed magic wands for every imaginable area of the face and every conceivable application technique.


I would recommend a quality product that have gone through many test. So, this one, which comes from DUcare brand, may amaze you a lot after seeing my introduction and then buy beauty face makeup based on that.

 For a professional makeup artist, I have no feeling about this cosmetics and beauty products at the first sight, cause I was just attracted by its slogan, saying "Suitable for makeup cosmetics professionals".  It was considered my spare quality makeup products, so I just have a try on it.


The number 31 indeed covers all my need for professional makeup brushes, so it is not bad firstly. The content of instruction includes many makeup brush types I use in my daily life, such as round foundation brushes, large foundation brushes, medium flat foundation brushes, large fan brushes, small fan brushes, etc. The designed brushes is truly diverse and to cover all the types of people's face contour. What it more, these quality of bristles are extremely fine and super soft to touch, for the bristles are always attached more attention than others from a professional perspective like me. The essential tools for me needs to have perfect control of powder on each part of the face and to getting the job done right. Bristles of this brush set are made of synthetic fibers, natural animal hair like horse hair and fiber hair, or a blend of the two. Special instructions are also given for different brushes, which is very user-friendly.

Taking the base makeup brush for example, there are foundation brush and concealer brush. Sizes of foundation tools has large and medium flat-head, among which I use more often is the flat-headed foundation brush. This kind of foundation brush is applicable for many liquid foundations, whit a super good ability to cover pores and  leaving no brush marks. Bristles of the large size foundation is relatively longer and bigger than that of flat-headed, which is more suitable for cream foundation and yet not recommended for common people. Because this is so picky that can only be suitable for these pros with fine technique. As for concealer brushes, the larger one is applicative for applying, while the smaller one for partial concealing use around the eyes with more conventional method.

Next comes to the eye makeup brush. A gorgeous eye makeup looking and dealing of the details contributes more to her full looking. Eye makeup includes the eyes and eyebrows. A professional artist needs to get the job done right in keeping with the eyebrow shape, eye size and condition as well as beauty face makeup needs. This eyebrow brush, with flat and angled bristles, helps you draw individual brow hairs with fine shape, to make your eyebrow looking more delicate. It can also be used as an eyeliner brush after being wet, which surprised me a lot.

Bristles of eyeshadow brush come from horse hair, with the amount of four impressing me greatly. It's well known by all the pros that diverse eyeshadow with several levels that need to blend using separate brushes. To deepen your eye sockets, brighten the eyeballs and make you eye looking more sparkling and sparkling, it also needs to combine various colors in your eyes to adapt to distinct occasions, clothing colors, and even lip makeup colors. That's why the saying goes that a pretty eye makeup tells a rich story and a good makeup artist equals to a talented painter, which depends on what kind of story you're drawing.

Finally comes to the brushes for contouring, this is also my favorite part. Contouring can modify the outline of face to make your facial features more exquisite and modeling. The most common one belongs to the oblique headed, which can fit facial profile to better polish the curve line. Nose shadow brush with round head is capable of blending, to make your nose more shaping. Highlight brush and blush brush is commonly housed in packaging. Moreover, cosmetics and beauty products like powder brushes, pencil brushes, smoky brushes, lip brushes, etc., will be chosen accordingly by makeup artists, to create a delicate and flawless cosmetic looking, which is also a artwork.

By the same token, I wanna share something about bristles with you. Bristles of brushes are made from various animal furs and synthetic fibers. Animal furs is capable of catching powder due to the complete hair scales; while the synthetic bristles made from fiber and nylon have been advancing quickly in technology to now mimic most hair feels besides the softest hairs. Many cool makeup products are now made of a mixture of animal hair and synthetic bristles, to achieve certain degree of softness and to a better cosmetic looking.

With premium quality and all-round function of the DUcare brush set, it's apt to a makeup pro or an advanced makeup lover, which is complete but not redundant for you to choose the appropriate one. If you are also looking for a suitable set of makeup things, this is highly recommended for you, as it may be the best.

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