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How to Chose A Suitable Makeup Brushes

matthew tien 2021-12-07
Hi there brush lovers.

Here I have bought a new set of brushes for my looking, what surprise me most is the color combination, your guys cannot imagine how much I love it.

First glance of this kind of color combination of Wonderland: green plus gold, may seem old-fashioned or even a little vulgar. While it truly amazed me in my first sight. Isn't this my "wanted brush"? The combination of green and gold reminds me of the British royal queen's residence, which is mainly used by the demanding British royal family and also appears in many traditional European palaces and residences. This set of color will definitely impress all of us whether present in a single furniture design or as a part of decoration of the space.

With the package of Wonderland in green and gold, you will firstly have no idea about it but fall in love with it after any seconds, cause it will easily become tacky if there is something wrong with it. I can even imagine this design is tailored for the designer himself, dreaming of being a member of royal family and enjoying the noble life.
All the face foundation brush is packed in a nice drawstring pocket, like a gorgeous and yet ostentatious purse. Each of them is in green and gold, echoing with that of package. It's well known that high-saturation green is associated with dullness and depression while color gold can just right brighten all the ambience. Two retro styles therefore complement each other correspondingly, all golden in the brush is so exaggerated that also needs complement of green.

This set of 20 makeup brushes basically covers all my needs for gorgeous looking, among which there is a facial mask brush made of skin-friendly silicone material.

I personally think that silicone is much better than the ordinary bristles of facial mask brush. It is not the best idea to apply the facial mask with a regular cosmetic brushes, especially if you are using a brush with natural bristles. Beauty oils, clay, thermal cream can ruin the fragile bristles of your favorite brush, shorten the service life accordingly and may even cause facial allergies. The silicone face mask brush or mask tool looks a little bit like a frosting spatula, which pastry-cook uses to decorate cakes.


With a help of this soft silicone tool-brush, you can apply any facial mask on your skin, without wasting any extra gram of the precious product and without making your hands dirty. Unlike any regular synthetic brush, this silicone mask tool doesn't demand extra labor to become squeaky clean after usage. All you need to do is rinse it under the flow of water and dry it with a paper towel, and you can use it again. The silicone material is inert to bacterial and fungi growth, therefore it is ideal for use in the makeup and skincare. I believe you will love this silicone facial mask brush after reading my introduction.


Additionally, what I prefer most are the oblique head contour brush and powder brush. Brushes with large head is rich in bristles and soft and comfortable to touch, and apply powder easily. The density of brush makes it perfect for packing on superfine powders or mineral foundation for a fuller-coverage finish, so there is no need to worry about smudging. What I use more often is the flat-headed foundation brush. This kind of foundation brush is applicable for many liquid foundations, whit a super good ability to cover pores and leaving no brush marks.

Regular makeup all brushes like highlight brush, blush brush, nose shadow brush and eye shadow brush can basically meet my needs. Besides, there are two double-headed cosmetic brushes, one can do both eyeshadow and blending, namely you can do your eye makeup and deepen the contour with the other side, which is much convenient than using one single brush; another can be both eyebrow brush and a spiral curling brush. With flat and angled bristles, this can help you draw individual brow hairs with fine shape, to make your eyebrow looking more delicate. It can also be used as an eyeliner brush after being wet, which surprised me a lot.
Generally, this set of beauty creations brushes is definitely a classic color combination that win the hearts of many people and will make you fall in love with it in the first sight. The classic colors will never be out of date and you're deserved to have one.

Go get this fancy Wonderland makeup brushes to have a gorgeous looking!
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