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LED Eyeliner, So Stunning!

matthew tien 2022-09-14

While minimalist makeup has dominated for the past few years, people are ready to break out of their shells with maximalist looks like sunburnt blushtransparent eyeliner, spidery lashes and so on. Bold makeup trends are especially popular in the summer (even though the autumn has already come).

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It’s a great time to be bold with color when it comes to makeup.

Many TikTok users have also gotten the memo, and showcased their colorful creativity with a clever look that resembles the appearance of LED lights. The "LED Liner" trend is appropriately named, and someone believes that LED Liner is trendy because of its fun variations and flexibility to match any outfit.

Allow us to explain this trend (click this to see the tutorial)with the outrageous LED strips people were once wearing on their eyes. LED Liner is as simple as applying white eyeliner in your desired shape (winged, cat eye, batwing, etc.) and adding the brightest color in your eyeshadow palette to achieve the statement-making glam.

This trend is a favorite of celebs and beauty experts. Some beauty lovers admit that the attention-grabbing beauty trend appealed to them because they prefers not to spend long periods of time in the mirror during the summer.

How To Get LED Liner ?

Pick some fun and vibrant eyeshadow color you’d like your liner to be. Mignano suggests choosing something fun and vibrant. Take a small flat top liner brush and start to pack the eyeshadow on top of the white eyeliner. Then, take your small blending brush and start to diffuse the edges of that liner. This creates a “glow effect” similar to the one you’d see when gazing at a LED light.

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