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Ready for 2022 Halloween?

Abby 2022-10-21

There are two types of people in this world—those who love Halloween, and those who, well, don't. Whether you've been planning and prepping your Halloween costume or are dreading the very thought of having to put together a look for that upcoming party, we are here to get your back!

There are a few makeup artists for their tips and tricks for some scary good (and cute!) makeup this Halloween. Are you ready? 

1. Deer

CR: @thatskaka

Here's a look people will be sure to fawn over. Start by using any face paint to apply dots throughout the face, along the forehead and cheekbones. Then, use a brown eyeliner to heavily line your lips, shade the sides of your nose, and overdraw your brows. Finish the look with some pink shimmer eyeshadow, like NYX's Shimmer Down Pigment in Mauve Pink and a pink lip gloss.

 2. Cat


CR: @dracariaana

Becoming a feline only requires black liner, fake lashes, and two shadows. After all, cats are all about the eyes. Draw on your whiskers, nose, mini freckles, and line your top lip all with the same black pencil. Use a bright white shadow or liner for the inner corners of your eye to make them pop, and add a tawny hue to the creases up to the brow line. Pop on a set of cat ears and possibly a tail, see!

 3. Cat Woman

CR: @yadiracabrera

If the above cute cat look isn't quite cutting it, why not embrace the fierce feline superhero of Cat Woman instead? All you'll need is black mask, a white pencil to add marks, and a bright red lip to glam it up.

 4. Spider

CR: @makeup.by.mary82

This is a perfect Halloween look that's achievable in minutes with just two eyeliners you probably already have in your arsenal, then use a white pencil or liquid liner to draw mini webs around your eye(s). Finish with a tiny black spider down your cheek, or to kick the glam up a notch, use a glitter liner instead.

You guys have any other ideas? Comment and let us know~!

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